Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 17, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


R(EX) STOUT: OVER MY DEAD BODY — When an international financier is confronted by a holdup man... he automatically hands over not only his money and jewelry but also his shirt and pants... It doesn't occur to him that a robber might draw the line somewhere.

Clues and answers

A.1920's silent-film star trained by Lee Duncan (3 wds.)RINTINTIN
B.Open place in a forest cluttered with timber-cutting debrisSLASH
C.Feat most often accomplished professionally by Jerry RiceTOUCHDOWN
D.Occupying a difficult position (3 wds.)ONTHINICE
E.Fail to bowl overUNDERWHELM
F.Coil; convolution; knot or tangleTWINE
G.Heavier-than-air contraption with flapping wingsORNITHOPTER
H.Leave in a big hurryVAMOOSE
I.Form of nonverbal communication (2 wds.)EYECONTACT
J.Effect of some knockers (hyph.)RATATATTAT
K.Hindi for "great king"MAHARAJAH
L.Human element present only in males YCHROMOSOME
M.Sloppy state of attire or thinkingDISHABILLE
N.The telencephalonENDBRAIN
O.Head loser of 1536 (2 wds.)ANNEBOLEYN
P.Sierra Nevada site named for some unlucky emigrants (2 wds.)DONNERPASS
Q.Indian hemp product drunk in a fermented mixtureBHANG
R.Unreasonable; eccentric (hyph.)OFFTHEWALL
S.Shortened; disparagedDIMINISHED
T.Words often written above a name (2 wds.)YOURSTRULY
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