Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 6, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


OLIVER SACKS, UNCLE TUNGSTEN — My mother told me that diamond was a special form of carbon, like the coal we used in every room in winter. I was puzzled... how could black, flaky, opaque coal be the same as the hard, transparent gemstone in her ring?

Clues and answers

A.Flirt with smooth movesOPERATOR
B.Alter states, in a wayLIQUEFY
C.Had quite an effect on, as a dentist?IMPACTED
D.Master in an orchestra pitVIRTUOSO
E.Catalytic proteinsENZYMES
F.Study of the deformation and flow of matterRHEOLOGY
G.Sitcom that introduced the holiday FestivusSEINFELD
H.Middle Ages fortress of GranadaALHAMBRA
I.Tool for a tree surgeon (2 wds.)CHAINSAW
J.Power unit for generators and heatersKILOWATT
K.Fun made by a comedy troupeSPOOF
L.Reproach with severityUPBRAID
M.Early figure in species preservationNOAH
O.Richard who directed "Help!" and "Superman II"LESTER
P.Dutch export in a red coatEDAM
Q.Small-sized links groupingTWOSOME
R.Of an astronomical shadowUMBRAL
S.Guy de Maupassant story featuring a vain wife, with "The"NECKLACE
T.Like a bone in a doghouse GNAWED
U.Not easily played for a foolSHREWD
V.Aretha Franklin hit sung in "The Blues Brothers"THINK
W.Put out, like Eliot's "patient ... upon a table"ETHERIZED
X.Unenlightening reply to a journalist (2 wds.)NOCOMMENT
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