Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 10, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


M.F.K. FISHER, CONSIDER THE OYSTER — For about a year... our oyster is a male... . Then one day, maternal longings surge between his two valves in his cold guts and gills and all his crinkly fringes. Necessity, that well-known mother, makes him one. He is a she.

Clues and answers

A.Activity for a chef or a dandyMINCING
B.Child, to man, per WordsworthFATHER
C.Figures often viewed at a tiltKNIGHTS
D.Admiral's chargeFLEET
E.Nacre or abalone on a guitarINLAY
F.Like a clamSILENT
G.Stay calm, don't freak (2 wds.)HANGLOOSE
H.Mayonnaise or butter, e.g.EMULSION
I.Dissolute; debonairRAKISH
J.Exacting a high priceCOSTLY
K.River diverted to Los Angeles via aqueductOWENS
L.Sexually developed and attractiveNUBILE
M.Imbued with flavor; having experienceSEASONED
N.Belief based on five pillarsISLAM
P.Hermaphroditic burrowerEARTHWORM
Q.Aimlessly wandering; unorganized, as a speechRAMBLING
R.Torment for TantalusTHIRST
S.Place where fry or spat are raisedHATCHERY
T.Otis who gave us a liftELISHA
U.Diminutive eggOVULE
V.Half of a gender-related dualityYANG
W.Periods of developmentSTAGES
X.Dismantle; copy onto paper; defeat, as a powerful enemy (2 wds.)TAKEDOWN
Y.Midmorning tea with a snackELEVENSES
Z.Path for a triple jumperRUNWAY
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