Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 30, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBERT K.) ADAIR, THE PHYSICS OF BASEBALL - An eminent physicist... said, "There are two unsolved problems. ... The first is the unified field theory... of the universe. The second is why does a baseball curve? I believe... we may solve the first, but I despair of the second."

Clues and answers

A.Greek mathematician who wrote about piARCHIMEDES
B.Roof for a stadium, maybeDOME
C.Ratio of reflected to incident lightALBEDO
D.Not quite a strikeINSIDE
E.Cosmological effect--or a Cincinnati defense technique? (2 wds.)REDSHIFT
F.Figure worn by Babe RuthTHREE
G.U.S. astronomer who espoused an expanding cosmosHUBBLE
H.Trick sort of pitch that's slow and loopyEEPHUS
I.Like the Bronx Bombers' attirePINSTRIPED
J.Ejection by an umpire, slangily (hyph.)HEAVEHO
K.Athlete's "uncle" (2 wds.)YOUWIN
L.Astronomer Carl with a kind of galaxy named for himSEYFERT
M.Backward--the way "Casey at the Bat" is written?INVERSE
O.City where the Gas House Gang won the 1934 pennant (2 wds.)STLOUIS
P.Team member with a wealth of experience (hyph.)OLDTIMER
Q.Park in use since April 20, 1912FENWAY
R.Friedrich ___, German astronomer who predicted the existence of dark starsBESSEL
S.Rate of nuclear decay, measured in curiesACTIVITY
T.Swing both ways (hyph.)SWITCHHIT
U.Equal on the scoreboard (hyph.)EVENSTEVEN
V.Constellation called the Bear Watcher, near Ursa MajorBOOTES
W.Surface patented in 1967 under the name ChemgrassASTROTURF
Y."Half the ___ they tell about me aren't true" (Yogi Berra)LIES
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