Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 26, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARIE) WINN, CENTRAL PARK IN THE DARK — At certain times of year you'll find hundreds of... cuckoos, kinglets, and grosbeaks... You'll find raccoons wandering and... bullfrogs croaking. And if you're lucky you might come upon a silver-haired bat dozing in the leaf litter.

Clues and answers

A.Bird whose courting flight spirals up, then nosedivesWOODCOCK
B.Any recipient of a Lemelson-M.I.T. PrizeINVENTOR
C.Aura surrounding a glamorous personNIMBUS
D.Like moths and grizzly bears, generallyNOCTURNAL
E.River crossed by the Longfellow BridgeCHARLES
F.The study of animal behaviorETHOLOGY
G.Habitual cynic, skeptic or pessimistNAYSAYER
H.Items in haute cuisine whose name comes from Latin for "lump"TRUFFLES
I.Circumference divided by twice pi, for a circleRADIUS
J.Blasted, goldarned (hyph.)ALLFIRED
K.Feature of Venice, ItalyLAGOON
L."Gilligan's Island" role, with "the"PROFESSOR
M.With just one thing in mind (2 wds.)ADHOC
N.Make pure in a chemist's stillRECTIFY
O.Means of transport for Ann Darrow (2 wds.)KINGKONG
P.Like pastoral poemsIDYLLIC
Q.Picayune, petty, insignificantNIGGLING
R.Sign at many a restaurantTAKEOUT
S.Orchard crop that's mostly Turkish-grownHAZELNUTS
T.Like the kangaroo to AustraliaENDEMIC
U.Widely spread; long-windedDIFFUSE
V.Division of an arthropodABDOMEN
W.Collection of quatrains of Persian verseRUBAIYAT
X.Poke fun, not be serious (2 wds.)KIDAROUND
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