Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 20, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DIANE ACKERMAN, MUTE DANCERS (HOW TO WATCH A HUMMINGBIRD) - [Hummingbirds] spell out their intentions and moods just as bees, fireflies or hula dancers do. ... Males twirl, joust, sideswipe and somersault. Brazen and fierce, they will take on large adversaries, even cats, dogs or humans.

Clues and answers

A.Bottle with a narrow neck and a wicker casingDEMIJOHN
B.Put on a pedestalIDOLIZED
C.Leaf-shaped ornament in the Corinthian orderACANTHUS
D."Well, that explains it!" (2 wds.)NOWONDER
F.Medieval theologian with an illicit loveABELARD
G.Divide by a blow, as with an axCLEAVE
H.Small falcon known for hovering with its head to the windKESTREL
I.Cut short by un coiffeur so as to stand up like bristles (2 wds.)ENBROSSE
J.Sweet, almond-flavored liqueurRATAFIA
K.Absent-minded governess in "The Importance of Being Earnest" (2 wds.)MISSPRISM
L.Responsible for an error, blameworthy (2 wds.)ATFAULT
M.Arbiter at court? (2 wds.)NETJUDGE
N.Anna Karenina, to Aleksei VronskiMISTRESS
O.Outbreak against a governmentUPRISING
P.Puzzle that engages the brainTEASER
Q.Green in a passionate senseENVIOUS
R.Like some sinsDEADLY
S.Cukor-directed film of 1949 in which Tracy and Hepburn clash as lawyers (2 wds.)ADAMSRIB
T.Concise synopsis, metaphoricallyNUTSHELL
U.Statue of Helios of which Pliny wrote, "Few people can make their arms meet round the thumb"COLOSSUS
V.Utopia imagined by Samuel ButlerEREWHON
W."This very minute!" (2 wds.)RIGHTNOW
X.Treated to last, in a waySALTED
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