Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 8, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL MARTIN, COUNTING SHEEP — The puritan work ethic and the cult of time management nag us to do a little... more... each day. So we get less sleep. But that is stupid, because people who cut back on their sleep achieve less and feel bad into the bargain.

Clues and answers

A.Trash-to-ashtray converter (2 wds.)PIGLATIN
B.Period for lighting candlesADVENT
C.Of the previous monthULTIMO
D.Find utterly despicableLOATHE
E.Painkiller for patients in rehabMETHADONE
F.British author of "Island in the Sun" (2 wds.)ALECWAUGH
G.Chide, scold, admonishREBUKE
H.Crime of a quislingTREASON
I.The Big 12's Cyclones (2 wds.)IOWASTATE
J.Language of Big BrotherNEWSPEAK
K.Grape variety used in BordeauxCABERNET
L.Square one, starting pointOUTSET
M.Use a derailleur on the way down a hillUPSHIFT
N.Lunatic, kook, psychoNUTCASE
O.Sons of Liberty action of 1773 (2 wds.)TEAPARTY
P.Replacement for Apple's MobileMeICLOUD
Q.After-dark entertainmentNIGHTLIFE
R.Field cultivated by Gregor MendelGENETICS
S.Thrown together carelesslySLIPSHOD
T.Device limiting free movementHOBBLE
U.Dutch export with a red cover (2 wds.)EDAMCHEESE
V.Engaged in conflict; under siegeEMBATTLED
W.Tom Cruise's wheels in "Risky Business"PORSCHE
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