Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 15, 2020

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(RACHEL) CUSK, DRIVING AS METAPHOR — [A] person traveling by bicycle feels an antipathy towards cars, yet once inside a car can immediately become irritated by cyclists, and as a pedestrian could dislike them both, sometimes all in the course of a single day.

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Note: We Americanized the spelling of "travelling" from the original quote.

Clues and answers

A.Jazz bandleader who sang "Hi-de-ho" (2 wds.)CABCALLOWAY
B.Weird, eerie, preternaturalUNEARTHLY
C.One in a state of torporSLEEPYHEAD
D.Insects also called bush cricketsKATYDIDS
E.State in which one's jaw might hang openDISBELIEF
F.Genuine article (2 wds.)REALMCCOY
G.Language in which "Excuse me" is "Fyrirgefðu"ICELANDIC
H.Fictional prince with the Singing SwordVALIANT
I.Conclusion based on known evidenceINFERENCE
J.Decade in which the Ford Focus, Toyota Prius and Dodge Durango were introducedNINETIES
K.Favorable indeed, as an opportunityGOLDEN
L.Instinctive, spontaneous, knee-jerkAUTOMATIC
M.Banner serving as an emblemSTANDARD
N.Epithet of a Midwestern industrial hub (2 wds.)MOTORCITY
O.Air pollution concernsEMISSIONS
P.Losers to the Giants in the 2012 World SeriesTIGERS
Q.1969 album whose cover shows a zebra crossing (2 wds.)ABBEYROAD
R.Money on hand for minor expenses (2 wds.)PETTYCASH
S.Trendy lifestyle not conforming to conventional tastesHIPSTERISM
U.Put a new handle onRENAME
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