Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 10, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MICHAEL NOVAK, THE JOY OF SPORTS — Basketball is jazz: improvisatory, free,... fast, exulting, screeching, torrid, explosive, exquisitely designed for letting first the trumpet, then the sax, then the drummer, then the trombonist soar away in virtuoso excellence.

Clues and answers

A.Dwelling like Hawthorne's in Concord, Mass.MANSE
B.Arrival en masseINFLUX
C.___ Sea, off the southern coast of the PhilippinesCELEBES
D.Court congratulations (hyph.)HIGHFIVE
E.Substance once used as a charm against intoxicationAMETHYST
F.Supporter of snobberyELITIST
G.Diamond-shaped background for a woman's heraldic armsLOZENGE
H.Web users' code of conductNETIQUETTE
I.Cargo carried by hemoglobinOXYGEN
J.Energetic and full of lifeVIBRANT
K."20th Century Piano Genius" album artist (2 wds.)ARTTATUM
L.Ear-splitting device used as a warning signalKLAXON
M.Bambi's bunny buddyTHUMPER
N.Porcine-looking swimmerHOGFISH
O.Seat of Devon County, EnglandEXETER
P.Texan noted for her 1976 Democratic convention keynote addressJORDAN
Q.Member of a family building domed nestsOVENBIRD
R.Element found in euxenite and xenotimeYTTRIUM
S.Whippersnapper's oppositeOLDSTER
T.Directly from the sourceFIRSTHAND
U.Teacher found guilty in a famous trialSOCRATES
V.Long-winded, verbosePROLIX
W.Small boneOSSICLE
X.Eponymous inventor of a scaleRICHTER
Y.Item in a medical kitTWEEZERS
Z."I danced with passion to ___ the music" (Gelsey Kirkland)SPITE
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