Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 23, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARK DENNY, GLIDING FOR GOLD — [A] spinning skater can increase her angular speed... . You may reproduce this... on your office... chair. ... [G]et spinning with your legs extended,... then draw your legs in... . This... will cause your... colleagues to stare and you to spin faster.

Clues and answers

A.Knack for being successful in any venture (2 wds.)MIDASTOUCH
B.Jump off the forward edgeAXEL
C.Coach, trainer and bodyguard, for exampleRETINUE
D.Area adjoining a rink where marks are awaited (hyph.)KISSANDCRY
E.River through Smolensk and KievDNIEPER
F.On cloud nine, in seventh heavenEUPHORIC
G.Unit used to measure the force of gravityNEWTON
H.Side effect of vertigoNAUSEA
I.Fledgling, squirt, moppetYOUNGSTER
J.A puck might ricochet off it (2 wds.)GOALPOST
K."Chill out!" (2 wds.)LIGHTENUP
L.Sluggishness; resistance to changeINERTIA
M.Lacking a definite plan or regularityDESULTORY
N.Follies involving blades (2 wds.)ICESHOW
O.Fine distinctionNUANCE
P.Act of whirling or rotatingGYRATION
Q.Unattached, not held back by ties (hyph.)FANCYFREE
R.Player in an arena who never scoresORGANIST
S.Use a Zamboni on, sayRESURFACE
T.Focus of certain protests before the Sochi Olympics (2 wds.)GAYRIGHTS
U.Figure of interest to some powerful OlympiansODYSSEUS
V.One engaged in a vaultLEAPER
W.Like a normal bobsled run ... or worse?DOWNHILL
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