Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 19, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ESTHER SCHOR, BRIDGE OF WORDS — Like... Doctor Frankenstein,... [Zamenhof] took the "dismembered" parts of other languages and created a new being entirely. It must have been a lonely venture, being the sole speaker of a language yet to be put before the world.

Clues and answers

A.Invention described in the 1887 book "Unua Libro" (and the subject of this puzzle's quotation)ESPERANTO
B.Quaint headwear with a large brimSUNBONNET
C.Harbor vesselTUGBOAT
D.Going-for-a-knockout blowHAYMAKER
E.Prophet's book of seven visionsEZEKIEL
F.As a ballpark figureROUGHLY
G.Guard against disaster (2 wds.)SAFETYNET
H.Where to find your zygomaCHEEKBONE
I.Cry of adoration or acclamationHOSANNA
J.Bad place for a fly, it's saidOINTMENT
K.Hoops to jump through before action is taken (2 wds.)REDTAPE
L.Negotiate a trade agreement?BARTER
M.Chest protector (2 wds.)RIBCAGE
N.Made more angry or intenseINFLAMED
O.People and lingo of "Game of Thrones"DOTHRAKI
P.Intermediary agent (hyph.)GOBETWEEN
Q.Tongue of Galadriel in Middle-earthELVISH
R.Where four Alous playedOUTFIELD
S.Boreal ecosystemFOREST
T.Crewman fluent in KlingonWORF
V.Genre named in a song by Toots and the MaytalsREGGAE
W.Out of one's mind, unbalancedDEMENTED
X.What Death Valley sits below (2 wds.)SEALEVEL
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