Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 6, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ROBERTSON) DAVIES, WHAT'S BRED IN THE BONE — Much may be learned about... society by studying... its children, for [they]... are shadows of their parents. ... What they believe and do are... what their parents believe in their hearts and would do if society would put up with it.

Clues and answers

A."Where ___ with Men for Pieces plays" (Omar Khayyam)DESTINY
B.Eponym of a wildlife societyAUDUBON
C.Talkative, glibVOLUBLE
D.River feeding the Bay of BengalIRRAWADDY
E.Inducing goosebumpsELDRITCH
F.James Clavell's blockbuster novel of 1975SHOGUN
G.Ballyhoo, commotion (hyph.)WHOOPDEDO
H.Literary character who defeated Pearl-Feather with the help of a woodpeckerHIAWATHA
I.Herring found in the Finger LakesALEWIFE
J.Brando's garb in "A Streetcar Named Desire" (hyph.)TSHIRT
K.Petrarchan "cde cde," for exampleSESTET
L.Subject of a 1999 "mockumentary" (2 wds.)BLAIRWITCH
M.Approve, confirmRATIFY
N.Vicarious experience of another's feelingsEMPATHY
P.1939 instrumental hit for Glenn Miller (3 wds.)INTHEMOOD
Q.Fonteyn's frequent ballet partnerNUREYEV
R.Son of Livia DrusillaTIBERIUS
S.Baseball slang for a fastballHEATER
T.Change from plaintextENCRYPT
U.In literature, nephew of King Hygelac of the GeatsBEOWULF
V.Having snaky qualitiesOPHIDIAN
W.Lying below the earth's surfaceNETHER
X.Frenzy of poetic inspirationECSTASY
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