Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 22, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


M(ARINA) WARNER, NO GO THE BOGEYMAN — Bluebeards, ogres and child-snatchers are close cousins to other... spirits that nurses... have invoked to scare... children into obedience.... The most notorious of night visitors, the Sandman,... throws sand in wakeful children's eyes.

Clues and answers

A.Teratophobe's fearMONSTERS
B.Activity for which the 15th-century "Malleus Maleficarum" served as a handbook(2wds.)WITCHHUNT
C.Shock with amazementASTOUND
D.Lucky talisman (2 wds.)RABBITSFOOT
E.Place inhabited by mummies and ghoulsNECROPOLIS
F.Spooky, unearthlyELDRITCH
G.Possessed (by), as terrorRIDDEN
H.Nymphs of the deepNEREIDS
I.Egyptian king of the netherworldOSIRIS
J.Horripilation (2 wds.)GOOSEFLESH
K.Conspicuously bizarreOUTLANDISH
L.1845 poem about a student's macabre tormentor (2 wds.)THERAVEN
M.Salem-born author of the story "The Haunted Mind"HAWTHORNE
N.Under a spellENCHANTED
O.Diabolical practices of evil sorcerers (2 wds.)BLACKARTS
P.Vaults filled with bonesOSSUARIES
Q.Having the appearance of a wraithGHOSTLIKE
R.Fade away into nothingEVANESCE
S.Linguistic source for the demon known as "dybbuk"YIDDISH
T.Medium for many a spine-chillerMOVIES
U.Souls revered in some tribal societiesANCESTORS
V.Dreamy composition evoking darknessNOCTURNE
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