Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 8, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LAWRENCE) MILLMAN, BOOKLESS IN BIAK — Of all the maladies capable of striking down a traveler in a foreign land... the one I fear... most is being caught with nothing to read. Let the monsoons play havoc with my itinerary..., a good book... will always save the day.

Clues and answers

A.Field of centaurs and unicornsMYTHOLOGY
B.Home of Queen Victoria's Osborne House (3 wds.)ISLEOFWIGHT
C.Writer of "Twilight in Italy" (1916); first name of the puzzle quotation's authorLAWRENCE
D.Asian language written with 33 consonants and 28 vowelsLAOTIAN
E.Fish whose name in Hawaiian means "strong-strong" (hyph.)MAHIMAHI
F.Where the Russian admiral Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen exploredANTARCTICA
G.Kitschy trinket or toy often marketed to touristsNOVELTY
H.Collector with a libraryBIBLIOPHILE
I.So remote as to be almost unfindable (3 wds.)OFFTHEMAP
J.Someone not from around hereOUTSIDER
K.Equine : horse :: macropodine : ___KANGAROO
L.Transmission from a distant flame (2 wds.)LOVELETTER
M."That's all she wrote" (3 wds.)ENDOFSTORY
N.The Hostess City of the SouthSAVANNAH
O.Passenger getting a free rideSTOWAWAY
P.John F. Kennedy airport, before 1963IDLEWILD
Q.Had a bagel, say, between mealsNOSHED
R.Encumbering old emotions or ideasBAGGAGE
S.En route; amid passage (2 wds.)INTRANSIT
T.Port ENE of DjiboutiADEN
U.Sanctioned for certain dietsKOSHER
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