Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 28, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ANGELA CARTER, SHAKING A LEG — Sometimes professional wrestling is like... ballet,... sometimes like a crude morality play... decked out with... elements of antique theater,... hieratic posturing, menace, dread,... pain.... This is Theater of Cruelty played for laughs.

Clues and answers

A.Polish-born novelist and dramatist (1880-1957) who wrote in YiddishASCH
B.Style embraced by ZolaNATURALISM
C.Offstage lounge for performersGREENROOM
D.Actors' union, informallyEQUITY
E.Theme in a music dramaLEITMOTIF
F.Drink in the title of a Maugham novelALE
G.Open tryout for roles (2 wds.)CATTLECALL
H.Co-winner of 1997's Best Screenplay OscarAFFLECK
I.Frederic's nurse in "The Pirates of Penzance"RUTH
J.Choreographer whose works include "Push Comes to Shove" (2 wds.)TWYLATHARP
K.Greek goddesses of vengeanceEUMENIDES
L.Theater of the absurd classicRHINOCEROS
M.Subject of an 1847 George Pitt melodrama and a 1979 hit Broadway musical (2 wds.)SWEENEYTODD
N."The miserable have no other medicine / But only ___" ("Measure for Measure")HOPE
O.In ballet, a pose on one leg, with the other leg bent behindATTITUDE
P.1948 musical with the song "Wunderbar" (3 wds.)KISSMEKATE
R.New York theater formerly called the Alvin (2 wds.)NEILSIMON
S.1990 film about "wiseguys"GOODFELLAS
T.Clownish imitationAPERY
U.Author of operatic lyricsLIBRETTIST
V.Tragedian who wrote "Ion" and "Medea"EURIPIDES
W.1972 rock 'n' roll musicalGREASE
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