Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 20, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


REBECCA SOLNIT, (A FIELD GUIDE TO) GETTING LOST — The strange resonant word instar describes the stage between... molts... as a caterpillar... splits its skin. ... Instar implies something both celestial and ingrown, heavenly and disastrous, and perhaps change is commonly like that.

Clues and answers

A.What you may shoot in the wildRAPIDS
B.Mayflies, so named for their short livesEPHEMERIDS
C.Good guide to what's edible in meadowsBOTANIST
D.Rudimentary plant contained within a seedEMBRYO
E.Moth in its early lifeCHRYSALIS
G.The alligator in Walt Kelly's "Pogo"ALBERT
H.Winning general at the Alamo (2 wds.)SANTAANNA
I.Appearing solemn and wiseOWLISH
J.Exponent of mathematicsLOGARITHM
K.Just coming into existenceNASCENT
L.Creature that moves by bringing its rear end forward and then advancing its frontINCHWORM
M.Relating to the dramatic artsTHESPIAN
N.Covering made of blades (2 wds.)GRASSSKIRT
O.Held in high regardESTEEMED
P.Easy meals that start out hard? (2 wds.)TVDINNERS
Q.Features a snail may have by the thousandsTEETH
R.Old school desk featureINKWELL
S.Babe in the woods?NESTLING
T.Develop little by littleGESTATE
U.Relationship kept under wrapsLIAISON
W.What crosshatched lines provideSHADING
X.Like 1920 and 2019TRANSPOSED
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