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Friday, January 30, 2015
by David Phillips
Fri 1/30/2015
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Jeff Chen notes:

Unusual layout today, built around pairs of feature entries intersecting. What a beautiful set in PHARAOHS / WII SPORTS / SCHOOLS OUT / DR SCHOLLS. Something old, something new, something hard rock, something you can put in a moc. I like the diversity of answers from a wide range of subjects; something for everyone.

The good folks at Panera Bread. Er, Pantera.

Jim and I have recently had some thought-provoking discussions about "what is good fill" as we prepare to make word lists available. SANA is an interesting example, as Rich Norris mentioned to me a few years ago that he couldn't justify having it in crosswords anymore, as SANA'A is the generally accepted spelling. But it's perfectly fine for Will, as he's used it several times in recent memory. So much of "good fill" and "bad fill" is subjective.

I had trouble with both the PANTERA / FARIS crossing, as well as the BEDELIA / SEGOS crossing (SAGO and SEGO are so hard to keep straight). I liked learning all the three names I hadn't known, but learning each one separately would have been preferable for me.

Overall, I liked David's vibe, saying YEAH MAN! to the beautiful DRUM SOLO with its hard-hitting [Hard-hitting musical performance?] clue.

1.Sharp : SHREWD
7.Foreign fortress : CASBAH
13.Take for the road? : HOTWIRE
15."Parenthood" actress Bonnie : BEDELIA
16.Person making pointed attacks? : EPEEIST
17.Chemical synthesis component : REAGENT
18.From overseas? : DES
19.1972 Alice Cooper hit with the lyric "we got no class" : SCHOOLSOUT
21.Line in the sand? : PHARAOHS
22.Worked for Mad, maybe : CARTOONED
26.Take blades to blades : MOW
29.Spinning : AWHIRL
30.Cell alternative : LANDLINE
34.How signals from outer space may be heard : FAINTLY
36.Not original, in a way : XEROXED
37.Handles deftly : FINESSES
39.Irate : FUMING
40.Chaud time : ETE
41.Baroque dance form : ALLEMANDE
43.Between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m., maybe : OFFHOURS
46.Setting for TV's "The Mentalist" : SACRAMENTO
48.Eldest sister in a classic 1868 novel : MEG
51.Heavy-metal band with the #1 album "Far Beyond Driven" : PANTERA
52."___ Girls" : GILMORE
54.Type, as a PIN : ENTERIN
55.Basement's use, often : STORAGE
56.Wallops : PASTES
57."Any problem with that?" : ISITOK
1.Drop off : SHED
2."___ is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness": Desmond Tutu : HOPE
3.GPS options: Abbr. : RTES
4.Milk source : EWE
5.Popular video game for wannabe athletes : WIISPORTS
6.Sole supporter? : DRSCHOLLS
7.Singer Green : CEELO
8.Not much, as of salt : ADASH
9.Mariposa relatives : SEGOS
10.Like the sky, in France : BLEU
11."It ___ happenin'" : AINT
12.One getting a tip? : HAT
14.Hawke of "Boyhood" : ETHAN
15.Weapon in a fantasy role-playing game : BROADAX
20.Ivan Turgenev's birthplace : OREL
22.Barista's serving : CAFFE
23.Expect : AWAIT
24.___-Main-Danube Canal : RHINE
25.What's the point of an eating utensil? : TINE
26.Recipe instruction : MIXIN
27.Upright : ONEND
28.Sand ___ : WEDGE
31.Queen of the Nile : NEFERTITI
32.Hard-hitting musical performances? : DRUMSOLOS
33.___ Linda, Calif. : LOMA
35."Sure thing, dude!" : YEAHMAN
38.Liqueur flavor : SLOE
42.Air space? : LUNGS
43.The electrons of oxygen, e.g. : OCTET
44.___ Jacques : FRERE
45.Anna of the "Scary Movie" films : FARIS
46.Capital near Aden : SANA
47.Myrmecologists' study : ANTS
48.Water under the bridge? : MOAT
49.And so : ERGO
50.Fanboy or fangirl : GEEK
51.Bounce : PEP
53.Provider of inside info? : MRI

© 2015, Jim Horne