Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz-era puzzle.

Not all these words make sense. Some of them are unique because they're part of some wacky theme. Some are errors that don't fit the standard Across Lite format. There are 49,403 unique Shortz-era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

BASSCLEFS Sat 4/29/2000Some staff openingsPatrick D. Berry
BATEAUX Fri 3/15/2002Seine sightsBrendan Emmett Quigley
BEFOR Fri 12/22/1995FavorA.J. Santora
CHECKTHEKINGSROOKIE Sun 6/3/2001Play dirty against an N.H.L. newcomer?Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
COLDCASH Sun 7/6/2014Money in handDaniel C. Bryant
DODDS Sat 2/11/2012Father-and-son Connecticut congressmen Thomas and ChrisJoe Krozel
DRIFTERS Sun 9/13/1998"Up on the Roof" singers, with "the"Cathy Millhauser
FPA Sat 11/27/2004"The Conning Tower" columnist's inits.Byron Walden
FRIGHTWIGS Tue 10/19/1999Halloween wearFred Piscop
GIVEANDTAKE Thu 5/10/2001Good-natured exchangeManny Nosowsky
GOALLINESTAND Sun 12/24/2000Tree holder, in an indoor football game?Bill Zais
HALLOWER Sat 3/7/1998Priest, at timesRich Norris
HAVEACHANGEOFHE Sun 6/12/2005Get a new boyfriend?Joe Bower
HISPANICHERITAGE Thu 5/26/2011It's celebrated for 30 days each year beginning September 15Ashish Vengsarkar
HOTHOTHOT Tue 5/13/20141987 Buster Poindexter hitTracy Gray
INTEMPERATE Sat 8/17/1996Prone to excessJ. T. Paine
JAZZY Sun 4/3/2011StimulatingOliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
JUSTFOLKS Fri 2/23/1996UnpretentiousA. J. Santora
LACEWORKER Fri 4/4/1997TwisthandGerald R. Ferguson
MENORAHS Sun 4/21/1996Places for December lightsM. Gaffney
MILKCOW Wed 11/23/2005Holstein, e.g.Levi Denham
NGS Sun 6/22/1997Riot-stopping grps.Matt Gaffney
OUTMAN Tue 7/27/2004Have more troops thanLen Elliott
PIECERS Sun 1/24/1999Garment workersRobert Malinow
PROBABLY Sun 5/19/1996Not for sureC.M. Deber
RAPPORTS Sun 7/31/2005CamaraderiesMark Feldman
RICHTHOFEN Sun 8/6/2000Manfred von ___ (The Red Baron)Manny Nosowsky
RINGLETS Mon 8/22/1994Hair curlsSidney L. Robbins
SHOVEIT Sat 4/12/1997Comment to a boss in a Johnny Paycheck titleBob Klahn
SLOWINGDOWN Sun 2/17/2008*DeceleratingHenry Hook
SNIPPETS Wed 5/4/2011Brief excerpts, e.g.Jeff Chen
SPAULDING Sat 1/8/1994See 18-AcrossRand H. Burns
TBILISIBROWN Thu 11/25/1999A capital English stage actress?David J. Kahn
THEATRIC Tue 7/1/2003Flamboyantly overdoneKaren M. Tracey
TOMPETTY Tue 1/10/2012Singer with the HeartbreakersGary Cee
WALTHER Sat 5/5/2001Major handgun manufacturerRandolph Ross
WIGWAG Fri 1/6/2012Move to and froDavid Steinberg
WILDPIG Tue 12/2/2008BoarMatt Ginsberg
WITHDRAWSDEPOSITS Sun 7/16/2000A hard-working coal miner ___David J. Kahn
WITHOUTEN Wed 10/29/1997Like 60-AcrossKelly Clark