Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle.

Not all these words make sense. Some of them are unique because they're part of some wacky theme. Some are errors that don't fit the standard Across Lite format. There are 50,218 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

APRILFOOLSDAY Thu 4/1/1999What's the anagrammatic reason for these odd questions?Kelly Clark
ATHINGOFTHEPAST Mon 8/16/1999It's very oldM. Francis Vuolo
BULLINACHINASHOP Sun 10/16/1994Clumsy oneRaymond Hamel
CALLONTHECARPET Mon 5/28/2001ReprimandGregory E. Paul
CHARLESTONATLAS Sun 11/11/2007Traveler's aid in South Carolina?Alan Arbesfeld
COACHESUP Mon 8/18/2014Instructs, informallyIan and Katie Livengood
COCKADE Sun 10/15/1995Decorative knot of ribbonsMel Rosen
COLLOQUY Fri 6/26/2009Formal discussionLynn Lempel
DALLASGREEN Wed 2/1/1995Former New York Mets managerChet Currier
DAYINANDDAYOUT Mon 7/24/2000NonstopGregory E. Paul
DELICIOUS Sat 8/17/2013Compliment to the chefEd Sessa
DUNG Mon 7/9/2012___ beetleC.W. Stewart
DVDCASE Sat 3/1/2014Disc protectorIan Livengood & J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
EGYPTIANPHARAOH Mon 3/4/2013King Tut, e.g.Ian Livengood
ESCHEWTHEFAT Wed 3/1/2006Emulate Jack Sprat?Richard Silvestri
FAKERIES Sun 1/22/1995Ersatz artFrances Hansen
FORGES Mon 3/28/1994SmithiesWilliam P. Baxley
ICESKATINGRING Sun 7/1/2001Group of criminals doing figure eights?Manny Nosowsky
JAMESDALY Sat 6/19/2004"Medical Center" starBrendan Emmett Quigley
JUSTSAYNOAH Sun 8/11/2013Webster's directive to the overly formal?Dan Schoenholz
KOMSOMOL Fri 7/7/1995Soviet youth groupWayne Robert Williams
MERITORIOUS Sat 9/14/2002PraiseworthyBruce L. Bliven
MINDSETS Thu 10/4/2007AttitudesSheldon Benardo
PIPINGHOT Sun 10/31/2004Fresh from the ovenPatrick Merrell
POINTED Fri 5/27/2005Like a Gothic archManny Nosowsky
QUIPPER Sun 11/1/1998One with a lineRobert Malinow
RADIOADS Fri 11/16/2001Spots that aren't seenElizabeth C. Gorski
RIKKI Sun 2/20/2011"___-Tikki-Tavi"Elizabeth C. Gorski
ROSEGARDENS Wed 12/29/2004Places for American BeautiesJay Giess
SEISMOGRAPHER Mon 12/16/2002Earthquake measurerJim Hyres
SHINYNOSE Tue 10/25/1994Rudolph has oneLois Sidway
SIPCHAMPAGNE Sun 12/30/2001What a celebrant may do at 16-DownElizabeth C. Gorski
SIXDAYSOFTHECONDO Sun 5/11/2003Unfinished James Grady work about time-sharing?Patrick Berry
SOJOURNERS Fri 7/25/2008VisitorsJohn Farmer
SPOHR Sat 2/15/1997Ludwig who wrote nine symphoniesJ. Clonick
STRETCHTHETRUTH Tue 7/25/2006Do some fudgingAnne Garellick
THORNDIKE Sat 7/25/1998Classic name in dictionariesRobert H. Wolfe
UNFORGIVEN Sun 2/24/2008Film (1992), actor (1958)Nancy Nicholson Joline
URNING Sun 1/6/2002Entombing, old-styleFrank A. Longo
WAYANS Mon 4/7/2008Brother comic Shawn or MarlonRandall J. Hartman