Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle.

Not all these words make sense. Some of them are unique because they're part of some wacky theme. Some are errors that don't fit the standard Across Lite format. There are 51,194 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

AHED Sun 4/6/2008Expressed wonderDaniel C. Bryant
APPLIEDRESEARCH Fri 12/4/2015Focus of industrial scienceMartin Ashwood-Smith
ARISTOCRATIC Sun 3/3/2002NobleElizabeth C. Gorski
BARBIEANDKENO Sun 12/29/2002Doll-collecting gambler's two favorite things?Richard Silvestri
BEINGBAD Fri 8/16/1996MisbehaviorM. Gaffney
CARRIERPIGEONNAMEDGIJOE Sun 5/7/1995The first non-British to receive Britain's Dickin Medal for Gallantry was a _____Bob Klahn
CARYELWES Fri 4/21/20001993 Robin Hood playerMark Diehl
CLEARLY Sun 11/15/2015Without doubtAlan Arbesfeld
COLLEGESCHOLARS Thu 6/5/1997Graduation day V.I.P.'sDavid J. Kahn
CRENATE Sun 12/5/1993Having a notched edgeManny Nosowsky
DONTGOEIGHTY Wed 2/12/2003Advice, part 3Ed Early
EDICTAL Fri 2/3/2006Like some rulesManny Nosowsky
EYEBROWTWEEZERS Sun 9/23/2012*Gold-plated forceps?Matt Ginsberg
FAULTY Thu 8/26/2010ImperfectHenry Hook
FEMTO Wed 9/21/1994One quadrillionth: PrefixTrip Payne
FUNFILLED Mon 6/12/2006Jam-packed with laughs and entertainmentCurtis Yee
GENTLEONMYMIND Wed 4/30/20081968 Glen Campbell hitHenry Hook
GLADIATORS Wed 9/26/2012Lions' foesPeter A. Collins
GOLDCOATS Wed 10/14/1998Lamé wear?Jay Sullivan
HEXBOLT Fri 6/18/2010Common metal fastenerKaren M. Tracey
IMAGINARY Sun 10/26/2003FanciedPatrick Merrell
KAPP Sun 6/13/2010British science fiction author Colin ___Francis Heaney
MAIZELOBSTER Sun 9/25/2011Pale yellow-shelled sea creature?Paul Hunsberger
MALORYS Sun 7/18/1999___ "Le Morte d'Arthur"Nancy Nicholson Joline
MEETJOHNDOE Tue 1/24/20121941 Frank Capra filmAlex Boisvert
MIDDLEMANAGER Sun 3/14/2004Diet doctor's other job?Craig Kasper
MOUNTLUSTAI Sun 12/29/1996"The Ten Commandments" locationB. White
ODDOREVEN Thu 9/5/2013Roulette choiceDamon Gulczynski
OLIVIAPOPE Sat 11/14/2015Heroine of ABC's "Scandal"Kameron Austin Collins
PAYTHEPIPER Sun 6/28/2009Suffer for acting unwiselyBarry C. Silk
PHILBIN Fri 11/28/2003Host of TV's top-rated program of 1999-2000Brendan Emmett Quigley
RAINEY Thu 1/30/1997Old blues singer Ma ___D. Motley
RETINUES Fri 12/30/1994Hangers-onWayne Robert Williams
RIOMUNI Fri 8/7/1998Mainland Equatorial GuineaFrank Longo
SNAPPIER Fri 11/2/2001Relatively rapidMary Jung
SQUALL Thu 4/14/1994Bad weather for a sailorManny Nosowsky
THENOTORIOUSBIG Sat 11/21/2015"Mo Money Mo Problems" rapperNatan Last
TOPMOST Sun 8/23/1998CrowningNelson Hardy
TRIGONOMETRY Sun 1/20/2008Subject of this puzzle [and proceeding counterclockwise]Natan Last
YOGURTSMOOTHIES Mon 12/7/2009Blended fruit-flavored drinksEd Sessa