Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle.

Not all these words make sense. Some of them are unique because they're part of some wacky theme. Some are errors that don't fit the standard Across Lite format. There are 51,290 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

ACHARMEDLIFE Sun 2/2/2014What the lucky person leadsDick Shlakman and Jeff Chen
AMOURPROPRE Mon 11/18/2013Self-esteem, as the French would have itEdgar Fontaine
ANYAS Wed 10/14/2015Q: ___ / A: Yes, two, in the second and sixth squaresJoel Fagliano
APPLECORES Fri 9/14/2012Delicious leftoversPeter A. Collins
ASOB Sun 9/6/2009Tell ___ storyRobert H. Wolfe
CLIMBIN Sat 4/28/2001BoardRich Norris
COMICSTRIPS Sun 3/26/2000They have panelsManny Nosowsky
DEPICTED Sun 7/27/2014DrewRandolph Ross
DIRTYLYRE Sun 2/6/2000Troubadour's trouble?Richard Hughes
DOWE Fri 6/11/1999"When ___ eat?"Jim Page
ENDOCRINE Sat 1/27/1996Kind of glandR. Norris
FTWAYNEIN Sat 1/15/2005Home of the Univ. of St. FrancisEd Early
FUNNYMAN Sat 10/3/2009Stand-up guyDoug Peterson
HEBREWLETTER Sun 1/29/1995Nun, e.g.Bryant White
IGOTYOUBABE Thu 4/24/20081965 hit by the performers suggested phonetically by the ends of 18-, 24-, 37- and 56-AcrossMichael Langwald
INMOTHBALLS Fri 12/10/2010Being reservedElizabeth C. Gorski
JOANMIRO Sun 11/7/2004Artist from BarcelonaCon Pederson
LEXICAL Thu 4/12/2012Vocabulary-relatedMichael Shteyman
LIFEBELTS Thu 4/24/2014Flotation gearStanley Newman
LIVEDON Sun 7/11/2004Used as sustenanceRandolph Ross
LOOKSAD Sat 7/12/2008Be down, apparentlyMyles Callum
MALARKY Wed 1/26/1994BunkumKenneth Haxton
MATZOHS Sun 12/12/2010Manischewitz productsKaren Young Bonin
MONIEDMEN Fri 10/25/2013What Hamilton called the wealthyMartin Ashwood-Smith
OPENTOCRITICISM Fri 4/24/2015Not discouraging feedbackJoe Krozel
PG13 Sun 9/6/2015Rating first used for "Red Dawn"Patrick Berry
PHILA Fri 10/11/1996Pa. hubF. Longo
POSTMORTEMS Fri 1/15/1999Stiff examinations?John Wolting
RACKETOFLAMB Sun 10/7/2012Some bleating?Zoe Wheeler
REPELSALVADOR Sun 1/1/2006Drive Dali back?Joe DiPietro
ROLEXES Sat 4/23/2016Banded status symbolsPaolo Pasco
STEAMEDMILK Tue 1/22/2013Byproduct of an irate dairy cow?Jay Kaskel
TAUPIN Tue 1/31/2012Elton John collaborator BernieDoug Peterson
TAXCHEAT Sat 11/15/2014Al Capone, famouslyPeter Wentz
TURNOFEVENTS Thu 3/17/2016Unforeseen development ... or a feature seen four times in this puzzle's answers?David Woolf
UNSEWED Sun 9/22/2002Not yet attached, in a wayAlan Arbesfeld
VHIBEHINDTHEMUSIC Sun 2/25/2001Popular cable programGreg Staples
WARHEAD Sat 10/1/1994Payload portionBob Klahn
WORLDSAPART Sun 1/6/2008*Not even closeLynn Lempel
YOURETOOMUCH Fri 2/6/2015Comment to a cardKyle Mahowald