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Geo-tagged twitter posts that mention "crossword"

Here is a different view on crossword tweets.

This page shows only tweets that have the exact word "crossword" and that have geo-location information.
Such mapping data is rare now but will become more popular.

Click the arrows left or right of the tweet you're reading to go to the previous or next location.

Note: Only posters who explicitly give Twitter permission to track their location will show up here.

Technical Details

The map control on this page comes from Microsoft FUSE Labs. For now, it can only search for a single query word. For a tweet to appear here, it must include the exact word "crossword" (singular) and it must contain location information including latitude and longtitude, not just location name. Again, Twitter users must give explicit permission for this data to be included (usually on a mobile device) so only a small number of tweets fit these criteria now.

By contrast, the list of all recent crossword tweets displays any post that includes "crossword", "crosswords", "xword", or "xwords".